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Property management.

To all owners who want to rent their property we guarantee the utmost commitment and total support. We will promote the property throughout our website, by inserting it in our selected network of collaborations, which will then advertise the property through targeted web-marketing in Italy and especially abroad. We will take care of the whole legal and contractual obligations according to the law, and we will make sure that the property is clean and arranged appropriately for the arrival of the client; we will ensure to perform a thorough inspection both before the arrival and departure of the guest, making sure everything is in order and undamaged. In addition we will also take care of the management of the service staff (cleaning, gardeners and maintenance) in agreement with the owners.

Reliable information about the properties.

Before adding any property to our database we undertake a comprehensive screening process (with the municipal administration, the land registry and tax authorities) to make sure that the property has the necessary paperwork and credentials in working order.

Notary service.

Costa Smeralda Realty helps its clients until the notarial deed by providing all necessary assistance to solve or avoid problems.

General advice.

Costa Smeralda Realty offers a professional and reliable service to all customers; our goal is to find the right buyer in the shortest amount of time. We evaluate carefully each property in order to identify the most appropriate marketing tools. It often happens that those in need of advice about a real estate property do not know where to look for help; this is normal, especially for homes far away from the city of residence, or even from abroad: for this reason the Costa Smeralda Realty provides its clients with an excellent know-how in the residential market and in the of the vacation homes one throughout the Costa Smeralda.

Tax advice.

Every purchase negotiation is managed with the help of expert consultants we trust and thanks to whom we can give you the support you need to guide you financial decisions.

Technical advice.

We can put you in touch with professionals who offer the necessary technical assistance you may need and help you both before and after the purchase of the property. We are also responsible and supervision on the compliance of all formalities and endeavor to update you on the progress of construction or any restoration work.